Working in a multilingual and multicultural environment

We cannot deny the fact that the success and progress of a company/organization depends a great deal on the people (the workforce), not only their skills and their commitment but the passion and motivation for work.

The day to day attitude may depend a great deal on the level of training and skills. However, attitude at work is based on cultural ability and the relationships at work. Language plays a huge role in this. When employees speak the same language, there is a sense of identity which impacts their perception of life, work, business relationships and how they handle challenges.

Different languages also means different cultures. This means that things that may be routine/normal in one culture may be inappropriate in another. If translation is not clear there may be a lot of unnecessary conflicts in an organization.

Multilingual and multicultural environments may have some upsides. Differences in culture brings more understanding and Respect for others. Multicultural environment will help the employees to be more open to international business and embrace other spheres of life.

Diverse culture means increased creativity. When people speak different languages they have different orientations and more input.

Everyone loves a treat! Diverse and delicious foods are shared at a multicultural work environment which built the informal relationships at work.

Multiculturalism can encourage people learning another language. It helps with better service for Clients and partners.

Working in a multilingual and multicultural environment can be great. This notwithstanding, a lot can be lost in translation since pronunciations can cause confusion and people may feel uncomfortable to ask questions most especially in stressful circumstances. Cultural and language barriers can cause frustrations when there are miscommunications. Every multilingual organization needs mutual understanding and proper translation to be able to succeed.

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