5 ways to improve your language skills

To learn a new language requires listening, speaking, reading and writing. These are the language skills we need to develop for complete communication. Developing these skills require continuous practice which is gotten through exposure to the language. To achieve this there are some tools that can be used.

Listening is the primary skill. This can be achieved through music, movies, TV shows, news, entertainments, the radio, plays, exhibitions, talks, etc. in in the said language. This will build recognition of words and phrases in your mind.

After listening, you need to try speaking. With growing technology, you don’t need to meet people to try speaking a language. There are several chat forums or applications that can be used to practice speaking a language.

You can also try talking and recording yourself. As silly as this sounds, it actually helps you to know whether you are pronouncing the words correctly. Try talking to others that know the language to help you improve pronunciations as well.

Reading is also an important skill. To be able to read and understand a language, the brain needs to attach meaning to the words and phrases. Reading skills are gotten through reading books, articles and other written material in the desired language. It is always easier to start with the easy books like children’s books and comic books. Switching the operating system of your mobile phone, your PC or tablet into the desired language will make your mind more inclined to the language.

Writing down basic words or expressions of the language will go a long way to improve your language skills. This skill, however requires discipline and persistence. Try writing in blogs or other forums which other people will read and help you improve.


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